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I was pregnant with my first child last year and like most first-time moms, I was scared of the pain that comes with birthing a child.  Someone recommended Hypnobirthing to me and so I did some research and found Lisa.  From the very start Lisa put my mind at ease and helped me get on track to having the best birthing experience possible.

When I started my classes with Lisa, I was so anxious and nervous and by the time my baby was ready to enter this world, I truly felt so calm and collected.  I knew my that body knew what to do and I no longer had any fears about birthing my baby.  Because of all the fantastic training Lisa provided, I was able to labor for two days at home (after being sent home from the hospital once).  When I finally did go to the hospital, even the nurses were impressed with how I as handling the labor.  One even said, "You're a champ!."  I am so glad I did Hypnobirthing classes--but more importantly, I'm glad I did them with Lisa.  She was there for me 110% throughout my pregnancy, day and night, and even for personal issues I was facing outside of pregnancy.  

Lisa truly deserves more than a 5-star rating.  She loves what she does and she is amazing at it too. Because of Lisa, I am able to look back fondly on the birth of my daughter.  I re-live a lot of those moments not remembering pain, but remembering the unforgettable experience of meeting my beautiful baby for the first time.  Although I ended up having a C-section, there is no way I could've handled the entire process so well after two long days of laboring.  

Lastly, I wholeheartedly believe that because I felt so positive during my pregnancy, it had an impact on my daughter as well.  Instead of sending my baby fearful and negative vibes, I sent reassuring and loving ones..and let me tell you my daughter is one calm and happy baby.    I am so glad that I had Lisa to guide and help me through my pregnancy and birth.  She made all the difference and I am forever grateful for her.  Andrea & Brian   Murrieta, CA .    

~~Choosing to take the Hypnobirthing course was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during my pregnancy. With this being my first child, I looked at birth as a terrifying and painful experience. However, deep down inside me I knew that I wanted a birth that was as medically non-invasive as possible. I decided to take the Hypnobirthing course and was astounded by the wealth of information I attained. Hypnobirthing completely changed my frame of thought. Not only did my husband and I change our attitudes and way of speaking in reference to the birth of our baby; but my husband walked out of each class knowing that there was so much more that he could do besides standing in the hospital room taking up space. We both learned about counter pressure techniques, script reading, and gentle touch massage among many other techniques. My husband was definitely prepared to take an active role for the birth of our baby. I am a complete advocate for this course and recommend it not only for Mom, but also for the Daddy to be. As the weeks passed, my excitement grew. I could not believe that I was honestly looking forward to my big day... I felt like I was going to Disneyland! Prior to the birth of our baby girl, we were notified of some special circumstances in regards to our baby. I felt torn apart and so disappointed. Lisa became someone I could talk to. She was that special someone I could share my fears and insecurities with. Lisa went above and beyond her requirements as an Instructor or Doula. Lisa was so knowledgeable and so calm, she gave me reassurance as well as the strength I needed leading up to the birth of our baby girl. Lisa is so passionate in everything she does. I can honestly say I felt as if I were part of her family. I can look back at my birth experience with a sense of satisfaction and pleasure in a large part due to the efforts and influence of Lisa. We were blessed with a wonderful and memorable experience. Thank you Lisa.   Erika & Ian,  Murrieta, CA

~~When we found out we were pregnant with our first child we were super excited but a little nervous since we didn't know what to expect. What we did know was that we wanted a calm, peaceful, natural birth experience without the stress and anxiety that seems to be the norm these days. When we discovered hypnobirthing we wanted to find an instructor who could guide us through that process and help us feel more confident and in control of the whole experience. From the first day we met Lisa she immediately made us feel comfortable and at ease. She was so caring and sincere with us throughout our classes and even followed up with us after the course was done to see how we were doing in preparation of the birth. The methods we learned from Lisa became our tools for a successful birth. It's true what Lisa says about how using hypnobirthing cuts labor time in half, our midwife couldn't believe how quick things went especially with me being a first time mom! What could have been a stressful and chaotic event, turned out to be the experience we had wanted. We will definitely use the methods Lisa taught us for baby #2. -Rachel and Jon T.  Alta Loma, CA

~~Thank you so much Lisa, I am a first time mom and while my intention initially was to take a lamaze class to help me prepare. I’m glad I came across you Lisa, my favorite Hypnobirthing instructor. I will forever be grateful, I had no idea what to expect. While taking the course, you taught me to keep an open mind. My birth did not go as I had imagined but having you there made my experience a great one. You made Bobby and I to feel comfortable about communicating what we wanted from the medical staff about what was suggested. You allowed me to cope better with my labour, and be happier with my birthing experience. You were the perfect companion for me, I certainly felt the support to make me feel confident about the whole process. Thank you for the praise, reassurance and encouragement I received from you while in labour. The breathing and relaxation techniques that I learned from you were very helpful. My mother could not be there to assist me, but to be honest with you I don’t think she could have done what you did. I would 100% recommend you as a birthing companion/doula. God willing you can help me with my next pregnancy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,   Lucy     Riverside, CA

Elation. When I think back on the story of my daughter’s birth, and how it unfolded, there are few other words that come to mind. When the surges started, I was admittedly uncertain. Was this it? Was the moment I had planned, prepped, studied, and meditated about here, or was it just more excitement and anticipation?

My husband was my birth companion and he was seamless throughout. He didn’t exist alongside me as a sideline participant, nor did he shy away from any of the intricacies of the birth process. Every class, every prenatal checkup, every interview with midwives and birth centers, he was there. When it came time for the birth he was beside me the entire time, supporting me in every way I needed him to, and like only he could have.

And now it’s time to relax. This part is a direct quote from the Rainbow Relaxation script that we began studying in Hypnobirthing several weeks prior to our home birth, and it was indeed helpful in doing just that. Looking inside myself and understanding my daughter’s birth was something to welcome, without fear, without doubt, without the struggles that would cause my body to tighten up just when it needed to be relaxed, is something that I will carry through as a healthy part of my daughter’s birth story. It’s time to breathe her down. Morning was almost here, and though my surges had grown in intensity, there was a sense of serenity in our home. We decided upon a water birth, and as I continued to breathe my daughter down, my only thoughts were completely in the moment.

And then she was here! All those moments, those preparations, those thoughts, those studies, those conversations that every other mom had had with me were gone and I met my daughter for the first time eye to eye, and there it was... Elation.

Vanessa & Steve K. Baby Genevieve    Temecula, CA

~~I had never heard about HypnoBirthing until I met Lisa. Once I researched it and learned what it was all about, I knew it was for me. I was anxious about the birth of my baby and had no idea what to expect since this was my first child but I knew I wanted have a natural birth. People told me I was crazy and that I would want and need medications. After taking the Hypno birthing classes with Lisa, I was amazed of what I learned about the birthing process and what my body was able to do. I was 100% comfortable that a calm natural birth was easy to attain. I loved the rainbow relaxation music, I listened to it every night while I was pregnant. Unfortunately my birth did not go as planned and I had to have a C-section but the health and safety of my baby was more important. I truly felt like all the techniques I learned during hypno birthing help me stay calm during it all, and my son was delivered calm and peacefully. I still even play the rainbow relaxation once in awhile in his room and he goes right to sleep. I'm so glad I took this class and highly recommend it. -Christina Peterson, Carlsbad CA

   It was an incredible first birth. Everything moved quickly, much quicker than the Drs. and Nurses expected! They were all asking about HypnoBirthing, and I would recommend it to everyone! Truly a wonderful way to focus the energy and the pain! Totally beats out Lamaze and Bradley methods in my book. And I've done both of those, and been to births that used them. Thank you, Lisa Skeels, for giving your HypnoBirthing classes to Ashley & Ethan. It made a huge difference!       ~~~~Kim Majeske Doemner,  Hesperia, CA


I can't remember how I heard about HypnoBirthing but as soon as I did, I knew that it was for me. Because of my issues with anxiety in the past, I thought it would help set some of my pregnancy and childbirth-related angst at ease.  I always knew that I wanted a natural childbirth and this was the way I was going to achieve that. HypnoBirthing was right up my mom's alley as an alternative medicine major and she graciously agreed to attending the 5 classes with me and being my birth partner.

The lights were kept low and we had the Comfort Zone CD playing on a boombox on the nightstand. I was listening to the affirmations and prompts in my ear on a loop the entire time. There came a point that I couldn't even hear the words but still needed to hear her soothing voice.

With my mom and my husband at my side, my sisters and my best friend, the nurses received my son.  The entire process was unreal and intense. I've never worked so hard with my body and yet in many ways I was outside myself.

People always ask me, "Did HypnoBirthing work?" and my answer is absolutely. Did I feel pain? Yes. Was I anxious and scared at times? Yes. But HypnoBirthing gave me vital tools to get through it. HypnoBirthing empowered me.

My natural birth didn't go 100% the way I set out for it to go but my son's health and well being remained top priority. I knew that compromise was one of those important tools I might have to utilize and because of that I can tell you today that my natural birth story is a good one.  

-Joleen Pete, Murrieta CA

~~First let me say that no one fails at Hypnobirthing which means that you will learn to relax and surrender to this amazing journey of birth with as less anxiety as a new mother can be. Lisa helps you reach that potential. She is calm, understanding, and empowers you to become educated and fearless in the journey. When I contacted her it was months after I had her website link saved in my email but only weeks after I found out I was expecting. After our first meeting with Lisa my husband turned to me and said I looked more calm and less afraid. He was right. Whenever I had anxiety she helped me through scripts or just a friendly email or text. And when I was told I had to be induced she stood by me and my family for the many hours it took for our daughter to arrive Earthside. Being induced would make any mother nervous and scared but because of Hypnobirthing and Lisa I was strong and worked through my birth preferences making the best decision for myself, my daughter, and our family. While I ended up with a C-Section I used Hypnobirthing all the way through and during recovery… because it works. If my daughter wasn’t in the position she was in the doctor said she would have arrived quickly (Hypnobirthing!). Please look into this method and Lisa they are the best team a mother and her family could have. Happy Birthing!         Ashley & Michael - Murrieta, CA